Meet the Makers

Johnston's of Elgin
Elgin, Scotland

Anton Edelshtein
Anton Edelshtein
Kiev, Ukraine

The crafting of handbags is an underrated artistry, one that designer, Anton Edelshtein, of OMTURA label, employs seamlessly to blur the space between body and accessory, turning bags into true extensions of people. Using inspirations from varying sources, particularly the spiritual source of shamanism and more contemporary sources of urbanism and futurism, Edelshtein has found himself with a characteristic style of industrial minimalism that focuses intently on the craftsmanship of pieces.

Kay Muto
Kathrin Kirchhoff
Berlin, Germany

Every piece of my collection is handmade in my workshop in Berlin. Since 8 years I produce simple and elegant dresses without "chichi ore schnick schnack."  We love to come in contact with our customers and realize made by measure and special orders. Silk is my passion.

KAY is used like an androgynous name,... i like it to go incognito.
MUTO is synonymous with mute, ... i like to work in silence.
So, KAY MUTO is not a Japanese name, rather a combination of process.
KAY MUTO ist kein Japaner, sondern handmade in Berlin!


Rosh Mahtani
London, England 

Rosh Mahtani graduated from Oxford University, where she read French and Italian. Not long after, she created Alighieri Jewelry. Alighieri is a collection of jewelry inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’; each piece corresponds to one of the poet’s 100 poems. As the pilgrim journeys through the realms of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, he encounters mythical creatures, scraggy landscapes, and terrifying demons. Just like Dante’s subjects, each piece of jewelry is battered, imperfect, and a little bit melancholy. The sea crabs have endured shipwrecks, and the lobster claws have been dismembered; foxes’ heads are mangled from turbulent wars, and tree branches are washed up on the shore. Alighieri is an ongoing anthology that lies in the intersection between literature, art, and fashion.

Maya Shalev
Maya Shalev
Tel Aviv, Israel

 Sarai Capael
Sarai Capael

Designer Sarai Capael founded her first indie label in 2004; the two labels shown here are Sarai Capael and Queen & Company Chandlery.  Her formal training include Fashion Business at FIT, Masters of Architecture at Boston Architectural College [continuing], Courses in Architecture at Harvard and a B.A. in Literature and Critical Theory at the University of Notre Dame.  She is also an advertising photographer and writer, who travels often and has lived in Spain, Chicago, San Francisco and New York.

Sarai Capael has been designing across multiple disciplines since 1999. 
Watch for her pop-up shops and tour announcements.

Tim Lambert
Tim Lambert
Pacific Coast, USA

Tim Lambert was born in England where he spent the first 25 years of his life. The second of three sons, from an early age Tim was fascinated with how metal could be transformed into art. Tim is a prolific artist that channels his passion for ancient civilizations into his pieces. He muses that his work should feel as though it was found at an ancient Greek archeology dig, and indeed it does, with his own personal style included. Tim has made a commitment to using ONLY RECYCLED GOLD from Hoover and Strong, Inc. so you can feel good, not guilty, about purchasing gold jewelry!

For the last 26 years Tim has resided in a small Victorian seaport in the Pacific Northwest with his wife Sheryl of 22 years, his two teenage children and his cat Tibby.

Montreal, Canada

Samaelle is the work of a composer, cellist, metalsmith, photographer, traveller, computer geek, new media artist, architecture enthusiast, student of religion and esotericism, and ex-ballerina, among a few other things. Inspired by Wagner and the Wiener Werkstatte, she strives for 'gesamtkunstwerk' - comprehensive art work... an alchemical synthesis of all her passions for numerous realms of art and design.

She is a member of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada, the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

Arturas Kanapkis
Kaunas, Lithuania

<<You are what you wear... or what you carry in hand or hang on your shoulder. That‘s why every bag should properly represent its owner.  We own a products that could be true companion at work, on holidays, in important meeting, best friend birthday and everywhere else. Bags we sell are thoroughly selected, regarding high requirements for quality and timeless style, because only the best quality products can be time resistant, right? We search for meticulous craftsmanship hand work that was done from day to day for decades. >>

Andrej Urem
Brooklyn, NY - USA 

The creation of the candles started me playing with different architectural forms. I began the deconstruction of Platonic solids that led me to the discovery of existing sculptural models . . . .  When the candle prototypes were finished I faced another challenge: engineering production molds. The matrix from which these delicate and beautiful pieces originate are the molds. With the support of 3D technology, computer simulation, and traditional methods of casting I created these diverse ethereal forms.

Diana Nagorna

Orli Tesler and Itamar Mendelovitch
Orli Tesler and Itamar Mendelovitch
Tel Aviv, Israel

We are a design couple and have been working together for 5 years. We met at school and founded a mutual friendship based on polarizing design philosophies. We design our middle ground and somehow it works!

Gail Travis
Gail Travis
Beacon, NY - USA

NFP’s ability to turn upside-down, backwards, and creatively mold, secures the sustainability of each garment. It supports a more socially conscious and resourceful lifestyle through appreciation of highly designed, multi-functional product. Rooted in timeless architectural shapes, New Form Perspective’s goal is to encourage minimizing the disposable mindset of recent fashion, and increase awareness of fashion’s strength to be an enhancement to our basic environment and personal self. Ultimately sharing the beauty of fashion through it’s ability to be inventive and creative while maintaining a wearable artform. N:F:P positively motivates each individual towards a more personalized interaction between designer and consumer.

After working in the high-end fashion design world in NYC for the past 10 years, for companies such as Calvin Klein, Shelly Steffee, and Vera Wang, she has fatefully been guided to design her own brand free from mainstream trends. Her collection is inspired by her surroundings, personal interactions, experience of movement, and architecture and sculpture. Ultimately these inspirations morph into the modular, building-block nature of her designs.

Chiara Scarpitti
Chiara Scarpitti

Napoli, Italy

The technical and aesthetic composition of artifact becomes metaphorical model for the reconstruction of the world.  In the light of these considerations, necessarily the industrial design must be a driving force behind the modernization of production that puts people at the center of design thinking through a deep path of trans-disciplinary knowledges. This new way of doing design opens the door to a new form of culture, which harmoniously blends the disciplines of humanities, such as philosophy, aesthetics, anthropology along with scientific disciplines such as engineering materials and machinery, and biotechnologies.
In opposition of the old creative industry it looms a new, more sophisticated and complex system: an industry which hybridizes art, science, nature, poetry through a humanistic approach.  

The methodological process is alchemic. The jewels allow to explore the poetic reactions between objects and the body, others and the space around us. The works bud from a crossbreeding of materials and techniques, both digital and handcrafted. Cold materials like silver, steel, plexiglass are hybridize with warm materials like silk, cotton, porcelain. The same mixing is made between different techniques as haute couture tailoring techniques, digital prints, industrial chemical cut, laser cut, rapid prototyping. All is finalized to investigate a new kind of jewel as intersection point between design and art, craftsmanship and industry, humanity and technology.

Marta and Siyana


Marcellamoda started as a small family boutique - designing, sewing, modeling our designs - and now includes our whole family and a great team of talented seamstresses and assistants in Europe. Our grandmother was a famous Bulgarian designer and truly defined our sensibility for clean lines and beautiful fabrics. Although we're self-taught designers, we have a combination of art, music, and business education that makes us aspire toward building a dream of beauty and aesthetics.

One of us, Marta, is an opera singer with a Master's degree in Opera Performance from The Juilliard School, New York, with an ever-growing love for design.  Siyana is also passionate for design, but her strength is on the entrepreneurial side - the knits and bolts of making sure everything is run smoothly. With a MBA degree from Emory University and a 10-year career in finance in the U.S., Siyana decided that the world of art, design and entrepreneurship, mixed with social work is how she would truly make a difference.

Finally, we grew up in a family that is passionate about helping marginalized kids and made us believe that people should strive to be better than themselves! This is why we selected UNICEF as the charity you can support through your purchases - 5% of all profits are donated to UNICEF.

Jonathan Day
Alpine, OR - USA

Thank you very much, for coming and looking at my books. I have loved the feel of books since I was very young, and have been repairing old books and making my own for the last forty years, or so. I am a traditional craftsman. All of the books I make have hand-sewn (Smyth-sewn) bindings, sewn in signatures. I am hard on the books that I make for myself, so the ones I make for my store are very durable. I delight in all the possibilities for bookmaking offered by different materials: leather, wood, cloth, different papers. All of my books will be a little hard for me to sell, because I love so much to handle them, to feel the leather or the wood, to flip the pages and feel the quality of the binding. I hope that you will love them just as much.

L. Sue Szabo

I started out as an admirer and collector of art jewelry. I have been collecting for about 30 years now and counting! I still love (and buy) art jewelry as often as I can. About 20 years ago I began making it. I discovered I loved making it as much as I did collecting it. I have been juried into many national and international shows and have been published in over 20 books. I have been the recipient of many awards, including 1st place and two 2nd places in the national Jewelry Artist Magazine contest in the bracelets, brooches, and rings categories. If you want a full listing of my resume or would like to see some exhibition work, please go to my website I especially enjoy hand fabrication but also love experimenting with new techniques and materials. 

Raanana, Israel

My name is Nurit and I would like you to know me a bit better:
I am a proud Mother of 3, a daughter and 2 sons. A Grandmother of 3 absolutely adorable granddaughters (what else ;), and married to my husband, Reuven.  I live in Raanana, a quiet suburban town in Israel, surrounded with gardens and green fields.  I'm an early riser and like to swim since I was young, it's invigorating and fun!  Designing and crafting collections of jewelry takes up most of my day. 

Siga Shoes 

Houston, TX - USA

In a tiny workshop in Colombia, we found a a shoe artisan making beautiful, high quality, handmade shoes, and together with our exclusive designs developed our first line of Siga shoes, always thinking first and foremost about how they would impact the lives of the women that would wear them.  And we promise you: our shoes will have style and personality, be ultra comfortable, and always be of the highest quality, 100% leather, artisanal construction- without exception.

Studio Fuscra
Lecce, Italy

Studio Fuscra – products, that are not perfect but show the contemporary style with a unique story behind: the story of an arboreal essence and history of a new production process that rethinks fashion accessories in a new guise sustainable.

Our creation – hand made wood products, reflect our deep passion for quality, style, and aesthetics. We are two artists and artisan Italian from Lecce (South of Italy), who decided to take a mutual journey into the world of creativity and design. Our name, "Studio Fuscra” represents the join of our surnames.

The wood we use, in the all our products, is an good alternative at the leather. We preserve its individuality, as a result - each product is unique and exceptional.  Our goods are made from high-quality raw material, and professional craftsmanship. Each item has its character exactly like people and is tailored made to fit your needs and style. Our high quality products enable you to express who you are through the color and design you choose.

Lior Livne
Lior Livne
Tel Aviv, Israel

I am Lior Livne, the designer and owner of Liebling Shoes.

After graduating from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in the Visual Communication Department and working for several years as a graphic designer, I decided to follow an old dream and study shoe design. I finished my studies at Achiles School of Shoe Design and started working with several shoe artisans and after a while launched my first collection in 2007.  Today I import the raw materials mainly from Spain, Italy and Turkey. All shoes are handmade in a workshop outside of Tel Aviv under my supervision.

I design my shoes while driving on my motorcycle, a minute before I go to sleep, while....

Bianca Georgescu
Brasov, Romania

Bianca Georgescu, a young Romanian designer of footwear and accessories, has devoted her life to chasing the perfection only a handmade shoe can deliver. Integrity comes with experience and years in ateliers of Bucharest and Milan have ensured the precision and ability to bring design dreams to life.
Her first collection named "Qālicheh" was finalized in 2013 and had as inspiration the Persian culture.
The second collection “Decadence” talks about the states of steel structure degradation under the influence of corrosion.

Klara Hultén
London, UK

Klara Hultén
is a small leather accessory brand based in north London. Klara herself graduated from London College of Fashion in 2013. All our products are lovingly hand made in our London studio by our team.

Ayelet Shachar
Tel Aviv, Israel

Sabrina Weigt
Berlin, Germany

My name is Sabrina Weigt, and I live and work in Berlin, Germany. I make high quality knitwear and knitted accessories for my shop, THE KNIT KID.
After finishing my bachelor’s studies in fashion design, I knew I had one year before I started a master’s program. I had so much momentum from working on my thesis that I just kept going. There were many ideas and a lot of yarn waiting for me, and I just started doing whatever I thought was worth trying.
I’ve thought about selling my clothes for a long time, but I wasn’t comfortable selling something I wasn’t 100 percent satisfied with. Now I know what I’m doing; the clothes I’m creating are the best quality and I feel happy selling them.
I don’t have a constant process for how I work. I try to allow myself to just go with an idea, even if it’s against my better judgment. I’m just at the beginning of designing and I want to learn as much as I can. I follow different methods and try to stay open-minded every step of the way.



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