Custom Spiral Velvet Gown

Custom Spiral Velvet Gown

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Aubergine Spiral velvet gown with raw gold silk top. Open spiral reveals leg and under-layers [entirely optional, shown here without].  Biennale beware....

Like all Capael designs, the art is the sensation of the garment-of-the-embodied-soul not the sensationalism of the garment as spectacle.  Because of the difficulty of this design, customers must submit a complete set of measurements and work closely with our tailors.  Colors and materials can be customized also, with discretion.  

Fabric texture, color and stitching may vary slightly, as we build each one-of-a-kind piece with couture refinement.  With a Capael piece, one may expect French seams, matching stripes, perfect hems, hand-wrapped buttons and delicate top-stitching.



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