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Let waves of emotion & desire flow beneath your feet. Quality leather throughout, including rubber soles for amazing traction, lined with pig skin & an outer-skin of semi-gloss ultra smooth leather. These stylish shoes have been engineered for comfort.

It takes 18 days for each pair of shoes to be fashioned. There are multiple artisans involved as they each specialize in their own area from woodcraft, cobblery, leathercraft and lacquer.

Shoe Specifics:
• Low height option: 3-inch wedge & 1.5-inch front platform (feels like low heels)
• High height option: 6-inch wedge & 3-inch front platform (feels like 3-inch heels)
• Weight: less than 1 pound per shoe
• Rubber soles
• Quality leather
• Leather colors available in black, pumpkin orange, and latte nude
• Custom painting of the wooden wedge heel is available by lacquer artisans

For online customers, we ask that you send us a photo of the outline of your feet with ruler next to it as a reference. Since these are 100% handmade, we have the flexibility to do a bit of custom work for a more ensured level of fit and comfort.



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