The Green Mile Doctor's Bag
The Green Mile Doctor's Bag

The Green Mile Doctor's Bag

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The Green Mile

“On the day of my judgment, when I stand before God, and He asks me why did I kill one of his true miracles, what am I gonna say? That it was my job? My job?” - Stephen King, The Green Mile

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Small Doctor Bag/Medical Bag/Retro Bag/Vintage Bag Premium - The Green Mile

We are proud to offer you the finest quality doctor bags/ medical bag to transport your valuable equipment and supplies. Here you can find solid, vintage looking medical bags in the highest quality leather.

- Genuine vegetable tanned leather dyed by hand.
- Two front decorative buckles.
- Zipper pocket on the back.
- Adjustable shoulder strap.

- Washable and very durable lining.
- Two compartments.
- Zipper pocket.

- Height: 23 сm (9.05 in)
- Length: 35 cm (13.78 in)
- Width: 13 cm (5.12 in)

Every bag tells a story…
Every bag on Time Resistance tells a unique and magnificent story and we are proud to be the part of this. As you buy this story, we hope you to be the one who supplement it with markings from places you’ve been, experiences you've gone through, feelings from people you’ve met and achievements you've made… we wish you'll make this story time resistant.

We are tired of fast fashion and always wanted to create something Time Resistance
Our team successfully created an atmosphere where timeless designs, quality and passionate craftsmanship work are the most valuable.

Time Resistance is the brand that respects the environment we all live in, all of our products are hand dyed and vegetable tanned, using natural substances. We take great pride of leather bags we carry, so the main our priority is time-tested classical designs and time-honored materials.
The Green Mile Doctor's Bag
The Green Mile Doctor's Bag
The Green Mile Doctor's Bag


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