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Gold Waist Leather Belt - Metal look belt - "Wave Belt" 

The wave belt's motive is the movement spreading into the body space and creates a subtle outline around the waist, creating an elegant and innovative harmonic appearance.

The amorphous shapes create the movement of the wave, which connects with prominent quality rough stitched to add to the harmonic flow.

The belt has a Finnish cog belt edge made of iron
that clasps into the holes at the other end of the belt.

There are six holes that are in accordance with the scope: 64-82 cm.

Available Colors:
- Black (full grain leather - stiff leather)
- Black & Brown stitches (full grain leather - stiff leather)
- Gold (suede soft leather)
- Silver (suede soft leather)
- Bronze (suede soft leather)
- Beige(suede soft leather)

Some feedback from a satisfied customer:
"I was very much looking forward to receiving this wonderful leather belt. It has surpassed all my expectations. The color and the leather are stunning and this belt sits beautifully on the waist. I will wear it in the full scope of versatile combinations: from more formal to quite casual... Great addition to my collection of fashion accessories. Also, thank you so much for a cute extra gift. All the best."



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